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Viva connections dashboard cards

Additionally, Dashboard web part are only available in a home site. Though there could be no related information from Official links or Third part, I think you may not use Hub site for Viva connection. Additionally, if you need more assistance on this, I would suggest you create a service request from Microsoft 365 admin center>Support>New.

. Context With Adaptive Cards, you can easily share and display information without to be a designer and manipulate complex styles. Formatted in JSON, Adaptive Cards support multiple hosts like Microsoft Teams, Outlook, Bot Framework, Viva Connections Dashboard and more. In this article, I'll show you an easy way to create, send and get responses. A quick overview of a Connections Dashboard with a few example Adaptive Cards..


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Microsoft Viva Connections Design Guidance Designing Viva Connections custom cards for your dashboard Article 06/29/2022 6 minutes to read 3 contributors In this article Principles Anatomy of cards Interaction Platforms and modes Principles Cards are used to link resources, surface information, and power direct interaction with applications. The Viva Connections experience is deployed and accessed in Microsoft Teams. Use these step-by-step instructions to help you set up and launch Viva Connections on desktop and mobile devices using currently available features to create an engaging user experience. Get more detailed guidance that focus on tasks in the plan, build, and launch phases. Or, take the Viva.

Can my company’s SPO intranet be integrated into Viva Connections? Yes! You would just need to do some housekeeping to get your homesites in order to ensure you have the best experience. Once everything is in order, you can also use the.

The Viva Connections Dashboard provides fast and easy-access to information and job-related tasks. Content on the Dashboard can be targeted to users in specific roles, markets, and job functions. The Dashboard consists of cards that engage viewers with existing Teams apps, third-party apps, custom solutions, internal, and external links...

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